Abandoned deaf dog with cataracts was not able to save

8f606d2ca52d766869ae16fdcfda47ce - Abandoned deaf dog with cataracts was not able to save

A particularly sad scene at a petrol station in Born, close to the border with Dilsen-Stokkem. A deaf and visually impaired dog was tied up left behind.

The creature was Monday night found at the Esso petrol station, in a dark street between the bushes. According to dierenorganisatie Needy Dogs, he was there left ‘to die’. A vet couldn’t help him to sleep.

According to Sandra Deumens of dierenwelzijnsorganisatie Needy Dogs did the dog not to sounds, and he suffered with cataracts. ‘What is even worst is, is that we have numerous open wounds in his neck, saw. He seemed to be a long long time prikband to be had.’ Because of the poor condition of the dog, the vet decided to let you sleep.

The police is still looking for the perpetrator. That is according to Deumens a difficult job, because the dog is not chipped. “But we hope people will help us with the search. Here the offender will not get away with it.’

Needy Dogs makes a call to dog owners to keep their animals not just somewhere to leave it behind, but to the shelter if they have no other option. “People who are in the dog lose want because they no longer can take care of or just want to bring such animal to the shelter. You have a dog purchased, so do something for it and do something about it!’

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