A private jet Elvis Presley is for sale again

9c4dcd971c9b0e88511ffbe49a18d7db - A private jet Elvis Presley is for sale again

A plane that once belonged to Elvis Presley and even by him personally was decorated, once again is to purchase through an auction site. A year ago, went the device under the hammer for more than 400,000 euros, but the then the buyer offers the collectors item now. There must be some grown to be on the red Lockheed Jetstar 1962: there is no engine and the cockpit also has a make-over.

The private jet, which was owned by Elvis and his father Vernon, has red velvet chairs, gold accents, a red carpet and an authentic interior which has never been doctored. The plane belonged to 36 year to an owner, who is always in Roswell, New Mexico on a runway has ‘parked’. There, the device was a tourist attraction.

Those interested may to 27 July at the auction site Iron Planet an offer on the former aircraft of The King.

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