Zayn Malik ‘wants, not a label to paste’ relationship with Gigi Hadid

148625f498d41e1c85b543d67e0115dd - Zayn Malik 'wants, not a label to paste' relationship with Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik, who is speculated that he is back together with his ex, Gigi Hadid, has for the first time since their alleged reunion talked about their relationship.

In conversation with GQ wants to the former One Direction singer not a lot of focus on his relationship with the model.

“We are adults. We don’t need a label, in order to meet the expectations of people to meet.”

However, it does the singer say, however, that Hadid has helped him a lot more positive. “I looked at everything from the negative side”, he talks about the period of his first solo album came out.


“That was probably through puberty, or testosterone, or what is there at that time also through my body swept. Gigi has helped me to see things from the positive side.”

Also now he is with his second album in progress, he has a lot of support from Hadid. “She’s good at remember dates.”

Already rumoured Hadid (23) and Malik (25) together again. So they would have previously cut are spotted in the streets of New York and posted them at the beginning of June a joint photo. The two made in march, after two years of an end to their relationship.


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