Wibi Soerjadi has difficulty with a new relationship ex-girlfriend

Wibi Soerjadi will find it difficult to be happy for his ex-girlfriend Céline, now they have a new relationship.

“I think it’s a shame. It is to swallow. But I knew it was, I mean,” said the pianist in conversation with The Telegraph.

Soerjadi had a 2.5 year relationship with the eighteen year younger Céline. In 2015, ended the relationship, but the two remained in contact, and the 48-year-old Soerjadi continued to hope for a reunion.

“In my love life is now calm,” says the pianist, who will soon be moving to a new home. His mansion in Diepenheim, has 25 rooms. Enough for children, says the newspaper. But where Soerjadi in the past always was open about his desire to have children, he seems now to doubt. On the question of whether that desire is still there, and if he is also vague. “Maybe.”


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