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Whacked: first world CHAMPIONSHIP match achieves 99.6% market share on tv in Iceland

The world cup debut of Iceland is in the vicinity of massively followed on the television. The match against Argentina provided the Icelandic tv record figures in terms of market share. Fewer than 99.6% of all people that Saturday afternoon in front of the screen were in Iceland, looked at that time to the national team.

Iceland won against Lionel Messi and co an unexpected point. Former Lokerenspits Alfred Finnbogason made in the 23rd minute right after Sergio Agüero the runner up at the worlds edge.

Finnbogason says, incidentally, to know what the other 0.4 percent of Icelanders were doing. “They were all on the field”, tweette Monday he with a touch. In Iceland, home to about 350,000 people.

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