“We go Salah plugging’

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SAINT-PETERSBURG – The Russian coach Stanislav Tsjertsjesov has a tactical plan was developed to Mohamed Salah to stop.

Mohamed Salah

The former goalkeeper of the national team thinks that his players would be able to get the Egyptian star Tuesday in the second team contest the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, to curtail. “I believe in my players,” said Tsjertsjesov in Saint-Petersburg. “We are ready to Salah to stop and that we’re going to do also. How? That will see everyone Tuesday.”

The confidence in the Russians is great after the royale victory against Saudi Arabia in the opening match (5-0). The expectations around the national team were initially low in the host country, but after the flying start at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, the Russians have plenty of opportunity on a spot in the next round.

Opponent of Egypt lost the first game against Uruguay in the final with 1-0. Salah, just recovered from a shoulder injury, stayed the whole match on the bench. Coach Héctor Cúper wanted to take no risks with the topschutter of Liverpool. Tuesday will Salah is likely to start. Russia are missing the injured Alan Dzagojev.

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