Villagers coming to our country

3bceb7546a3cfa20d73336670b61504d - Villagers coming to our country

Becomes more inventive and more creative than ever before prepares Conor O’brien a new musical chapter with his fourth studio album ‘The Art of Pretending to Swim’, which release on 21 september. That new album he comes with fun live proposals to the Belgian public. Villagers performs on stage at the La Madeleine on Thursday 1 november.

The exceptionally talented musician Conor O’brien has won many awards, including 2 nominations for the Mercury Prize. After success in the indiescene with the first two albums ‘Becoming A Jackal’ and ‘Awayland’, breaks Villagers with his third album ‘Darling Arithmetic’ also to the public at large and gets unanimously rave reviews. Today is Conor O’brien all the way back, and he creates with ‘The Art of Pretending to Swim’, his most complete work, infused with soul and new rhythms that already from the first notes, hypnotize. Quickly discover the first track ‘A Trick of the Light’, that only the best suggests for what is to come.

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