Trump is launching with a ‘Space Force’

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President Trump wants the U.s. army to expand with a sixth branch, the ‘Space Force’, or a ruimtemacht. “America should not only just present in space, America must dominate in space,” said Trump.

‘In addition to our Air Force (air force), we will now also be the Space Force (the ruimtemacht). Something different, but equally combative, ” says Trump, at a meeting of the National Ruimteraad (National Space Council).

All space-related projects fell to the air force. The Space Force is the sixth entity within the army of the United States. The other five parts are: US Army (army), U.S. Air Force (air force), US Navy (navy), US Marines Corps (marine corps), and US Coast Guard (the coast guard).

Again to the moon

Trump also said that he likes to back American astronauts to the moon would like to send. He also wants a new ‘regulation of traffic for the room,’ let work out, because traffic jams are likely to occur in the orbit around the earth, and the old regime has been surpassed. The latter also plays the commercialization of space travel. The ministry of Defence of the interests of Washington in addition to safeguard.

The militarization of space is not a new phenomenon. From the very beginning, in 1957, served as space programs for military purposes. Trump offered earlier opposition to the creation of a separate Space Corps, but defensiespecialisten called the establishment ” a matter of time’.

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