Trump has criticized immigration policies of Merkel

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The migration policy of the American president Donald Trump are very different from the vision of Angela Merkel. According to Trump made ‘Europe a huge mistake by millions of people to let’.

Trump is the German government is very hard to via Twitter. He writes that the German people against its leaders will and wants nothing to do with the European migration policy. “We don’t want the same situation regarding migration in the United States as in Europe, tweet Trump.

“It was a big mistake of Europe to millions of people, who in a violent way their culture have changed!’, according to Trump.

According to the president, the crime rate in Germany is very high. But the statistics about this speak Trump. The crime in Germany last year with 5 percent, the lowest percentage since 1992. ‘Germany has become safer, ” says Interior minister Horst Seehofer at the presentation of the figures. Also the number of crimes by people who do not have the German nationality, has declined, with 23 per cent, of 950.000 to 700,000.

Migration policy in the U.S.

Trump is in one’s own country under fire for his immigration policy. His government has a zero tolerance on illegal migration. Result is that the adults who are illegally crossing the border be arrested and that the children be separated from their parents. Nearly 2,000 children will need when you arrive in the U.S. without their parents.

The zero-divides the government and the Republicans. Also Melania Trump is critical for the policy. A spokesman for the first lady let us know that they ‘hate children separated from their families.”

Trump refuses itself to take responsibility for the chosen policy. He points to the Democratic opposition, which he previously introduced legislation that would force children to separate from their parents, with the finger. That is correct, however, because the Obama administration has the law interpreted differently.

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