The Dog wants to ‘X-Factor for the disabled’

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Tv presenter, entrepreneur and comedian Marc the Dog will find that the NPO with a stage should come where people with a physical disability their talent to the media to act. The Dog is responding to the call of NOS-newsreader Martijn Nijhuis, who will find that there are more disabled people on television would see the. Nijhuis will find that the 1.7 million people who have a physical disability themselves too little to see on television.

“I’m sure jobs lost, because I’m in a wheelchair,” says The Dog. “It gave me also the stuff will be delivered. But it is often associated with my disabilities, including a report of the Paralympic Games.” The presenter recognizes the thousands of responses that NPO came after the plea of Nijhuis. “The Public Broadcaster would with a stage should come where fun, smart, media-relevant people with a disability, their passion or talent show. At DWDD or home cooked apple pie can also be a person in a wheelchair to pull that on, for example, Star Wars talk in place of his or her disability.”

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It would even be a programmaformat, thinks The Dog. “A kind of X-Factor, but without the debunk. The core must have a positive approach are: the fact that you are limited does not mean that you do not on television is your passion, you can share or you qualities can show.” The Dog has already been in contact with Nijhuis about the idea. They are trying to gain support for their plan to get to NPO. KRO-NCRV has also been a breeding ground of people with a disability the opportunity to become acquainted with the media business, the No Limits Network.

Who is the Mole

The producer wants especially not complain. “But you will notice that also in all kinds of games that the creators allow themselves to be dissuaded by such a wheelchair”, he suggests. “All the successful people from the 3FM-nachtopleiding where ever I was, have ever participated in Wie is de Mol or Expedition Robinson: Coen Swijnenberg and Paul Rabbering. What is the reason that there has never been someone with a wheelchair is asked?”

Call the Dog people with disabilities who would like to sign up for the initiative of him and Nijhuis to sign up through his website.

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