Television host Jerry Springer quits

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No country that so many well-known tv presenters, has brought up as America. The most famous of all is probably Jerry Springer. After 27 seasons, is now the end in sight for the controversial presenter, report different American media.

“The Jerry Springer Show” sent for the first time in 1991 and knew 27 seasons, no topic to shun. Springer, a former lawyer, was also not mr. nice guy and put regular guests against each other. The topics to be discussed: adultery, dierenliefde, necrofilie, incest, transsexuals, mistresses. No subject was too crazy for the british-born television presenter.

To add more fuel to the fire to throw left Springer guests the slips also always live a confession to make to the alleged victims. Which in turn led to a snowball effect of quarrels and fights. Just for that reason, there was always security guards present in the studio. Jerry looked from the top of the stairs, how his guests argued, but himself made, he never made a mess of. Tight in the suit, he looked mesmerized the human being and the sociological experiment that he unknowingly had created.

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