Sweden steps, it is not in Korean ‘trick’

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NIZHNY NOVGOROD – The South Korean coach Shin Tae-yong had a trick devised to his Swedish colleague Janne Andersson to mislead.

The South Koreans during the training.

He left his players in training and in training duels constantly of number exchange, to the opponent to deceive. “Unfortunately for him we are not depressed,” said Andersson after the world cup victory to the Koreans (1-0).

“We have to be precise, 1630 video clips of the opponent is studied”, explained Andersson. “Our scouts were very well prepared and knew exactly who was who at the Koreans. No matter what song they play. Out of all the movies we have a presentation of twenty minutes for our players to be composed. According to me, it has worked.”

Tae-yong was on the remarkable idea has come because he is in the assumption alive that Europeans have trouble with it apart from Asians. Also the names of the Koreans often seem quite similar, what makes him difficult seemed to the Swedes.

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