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Staff McLaren opposes the the management: crisis completely?

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The crisis at McLaren, the F1 team for which the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne to drive, appears to be complete. The staff threatens to revolt against the management and to do that, contact them no less than former team boss Martin Whitmarsh.

According to the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ came the previous week, during the debriefing of the GP of Canada in a confrontation between team boss Eric Boullier and his staff. They blame their bosses incompetence they see in the former team boss Martin Whitmarsh is the last lifeline to the ailing team back on to help.

Whitmarsh was twenty-five years connected with the renstal from Woking when he was there in 2014 the door behind him dichttrok. Through its close ties with the shareholders of the company, and especially Mansour Ojjeh, the Briton, an influential ally.

It is also not the first time that people from McLaren Whitmarsh have contacted.

“People at McLaren told me that a letter would send about the situation with the team,” said Whitmarsh. “I have them say the letter not to send me but to Mansour.”

That particular letter was last year sent. Since then, motorleverancier and partner Honda exchanged for Renault, and it had to be the Japanese reportedly close to seventy million euro to pay for their contract to break.

The switch from Honda to Renault has not had the hoped-for result and McLaren holt already a whole season behind the facts with last weekend as a trough with a fourteenth and fifteenth place on the grid in Canada. Team boss Eric Boullier is the bitten dog and a source within the team has let us know that he was “in the dressing room all is lost,” as they say in football express.

Whitmarsh was present at the GP of Spain and spoke with shareholder Mansour Ojjeh about the situation with the team.

“I love the team and it makes me sad when I see what it has become, there must be a totally different approach,” says the Brit. “There are far too many political games between the protagonists and I also find that there are a couple of have to go. I have my vision to Mansour from the cloth done, now it is up to the shareholders to see what they do with it.”

“In the past, went to McLaren only to win in Formula 1, now they see a lot of other slopes, such as Le Mans and IndyCar. That in itself is not bad but McLaren are so many things to see to do at the expense of the Formula 1 makes me shudder.”

“I’m living still in the neighbourhood, and I regularly have friends at McLaren working. They are disappointed in everything that’s happening right now and agree with me.”

The passage from Martin Whitmarsh at McLaren as the team boss was in fact not always a bed of roses. The Brit had in 2014, the scene left after a power struggle with Ron Dennis at the longest end drew but he is not ‘ in respect of a second term.

“There had to be a delegation for the door, I would surely not dismiss,” concluded Whitmarsh. “They know to find me.”

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