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Sierra Leone presidential election, the block chain performs is based

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Sierra Leone has carried out the first country in the world, a presidential election with the help of the Blockchain technology. This historic event occurred on 07.03.2018 and was able to successfully elect a new President.

The country Sierra Leone in West Africa has implemented is based as a first Nation on our planet, the election of the President of the block chain.

The government of the country has teamed up with Swiss-based Startup Agora, the upcoming election secure, trustworthy and, above all, not be manipulated on the Blockchain. Agora is already working for some time on the development of an electoral process, is completely depicted on the Blockchain network.

The partnership is, in our opinion, a breakthrough and important milestone, in order to allow countries a fair and transparent election. This example could be followed in the near future for more countries, to the population the confidence in the Choose back.

Leo Gammar, CEO of Agora, said in an Interview (free Translation):

I am very grateful to the SIerra Leone as the first country in the world, the Vision is followed, the election of the President with the help of the Blockchain. This transparent and free elections.

The development of the system took a total of more than two years, and will require in the future further optimization. Within the Blockchain network, a group of participants will be named in the block transactions to validate, and the consensus process can participate.

A total of 16 candidates were available for selection. Particularly intense is the fight between the parties, the All People’s Congress and the Sierra Leone People’.

Jaron Lukasiewicz, CEO of Agora, is the use for sure in the future

All elections in the future will use the block chain technology. The Blockchain is the only technology which can guarantee a 100% transparency and security for honest elections.

We find that this event should serve as a model for all other States of the world, in order to allow fair elections and to use the possibilities and opportunities of the Blockchain technology. The advantages are quite obvious: cost-effective, transparent, safe, fair. Above all, trust in the in many countries rather negatively inspired choice of subject, can be brought back.

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