Sean Dhondt and An Lemmens have been ready for a festival summer

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At The Festivals is back this summer and again, all of the top artists on the Belgian festivalweides on the foot. Sean Dhondt and An Lemmens alternate in Q2 for the live report from the Rock Werchter festival (5, 6, 7 and 8 July). Sean then Tomorrowland (20,21 and 22 July) and Pukkelpop (16, 17 and 18 August) for its account and, in each case, around 23.00. At The Festivals put a lot in to online content via In addition, turn on VTM NEWS in full on festivalverslaggeving, makes VTM Koken for tips around festivalcooking and follows the CONTOUR, the online beauty – and fashionkanaal of MEDIALAAN, all around the festivalmode.

Sean Dhondt: “Summer and the festivals, that goes along as a fresh pint, and his head: inextricably linked with each other. I look so this year was really off to me in interviews and festival atmosphere to hurl. And to the pint, with foam head. That may also already be ready.”
An Lemmens: “If I have to take the summer to think, I think of festivals. Superb live music from the very best bands, who drops not off to festivals this summer? More than ever, we will broadcast live music central, so that the Q2-viewers of the shows to witness from the front row.”
Q2 focuses on online content o.a. Rik Werchter, festivaltips with a lot of BV’s and the festivalvriendenboekje

In addition to the broadcasts on Q2, which pulls At The Festivals online all the stops. In addition to online content from Rock Werchter, Tomorrowland and Pukkelpop pull Sean and Q-colleagues Jolien Roets and Vincent Fierens to a lot of other festivals, for online report via the online and social channels of Q2. For example, At The Festivals last weekend, to Pinkpop and Werchter Boutique and Graspop Metal Meeting, Couleur Café, Dour, TW Classic, Suikerrock, Lokerse Feesten, WECANDANCE, and Laundry Day is on the program.

In addition, launches Q2 online o.a. a festivalkaraoke, festivaltips and the ‘festivalvriendenboekje’ BV’s and artists. Rik Boey has also been an online festival launched: ‘Rik Werchter’ and Chris Willemsen gave all tips for small people at festivals.
Also, VTM NIEUWS, VTM Koken and CONTOUR convert full on festival summer

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