‘Scariest film’ Hereditary hit in the Netherlands

454697a66f7025123eeafbb155fb42d2 - 'Scariest film' Hereditary hit in the Netherlands

The horror show Hereditary is doing very well in the Dutch cinemas. The movie pulled in the first weekend of 35,000 visitors, and thus stands on the second place from the visitors list, he made the distributor Splendid Film Monday known.

Actress Toni Collette in a scene from Hereditary.

Only Jurassic Park 5 attracted more visitors, but this film is also in three times as many rooms. Hereditary performs better than successful recent horrortitels such as Insidious or “oscar” Italian, Get Out. The netherlands follows in the footsteps of the USA, where the movie last weekend also records broke.

Hereditary, starring Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne and Ann Dowd, tells the story of a woman who is cryptic, and more and more disturbing secrets about her ancestors has been discovered. The film was earlier this year at a number of festivals in premiere where the audience reportedly screaming and screaming in the hall left.

The Dutch critics were very enthusiastic about the movie: in the authoritative newspapers got Hereditary five stars. The reactions of the public are more mixed. On social media, inform visitors that they have too high expectations after all of the messages in the media.

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