Salvini wants Roma count

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ROME – The Italian minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini wants to know exactly how many Roma in Italy live. To get an idea of the situation, “we must once again do what used to count was”, said the leader of the right-populist party Lega at the tv station TeleLombardia. Him should also count “data protection act” or “snapshot” to be called.

Matteo Salvini, the Italian minister of the Interior.

Salvini’s statement caused outrage in the media. The newspaper La Repubblica spoke of a ‘shock’, which the minister via Twitter, responded with: “what Do you mean? I also think of the poor children, who are taught in theft and lawlessness.” He also announced the illegal camps will close, and unwanted aliens out of the country.

Count not allowed

The idea of minorities among the population count, calls the nazitijd in memory. In Hitler’s Germany were not only Jews sent to the gas chambers but also others such as gypsies. “The minister seems not to know that in Italy, a count on the basis of ethnicity is not allowed”, said the president of an association which advocates for the rights of Roma and Sinti against news agency ANSA.

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