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Russian governor donates Serbian matchwinnaar after wereldgoal… a Lada

f3e0a5314e60ecdcccb54a04bddb55bb - Russian governor donates Serbian matchwinnaar after wereldgoal... a Lada

Aleksandar Kolarov crowning is Sunday, a hero of the Serbian nation with its beautiful vrijschopdoelpunt against Costa Rica. In addition to eternal fame in his own country will be the 32-year-old lefty from AS Roma there is still an unexpected bonusje on top. The governor of Samara, where the match was played, decided him, after all, the local product to give … a Lada.

“Kolarov made a wonderful goal and we want to give him this reward. He may be a 4×4 Lada pick,” explains the governor of Samara, Dmitry Asarov, in the Russian newspaper Izvestia. According to the man was Kolarov when he was the news heard “very happy” and “shared across the team in his joy”.

The Lada is already since the Soviet era of development in the region of Samara. The legendary car brand is known worldwide as not very reliable and totally dated, but in the last few years trying Lada his image to Polish.

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