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Russia: Sberbank and Alfa-Bank offer crypto portfolio

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Currently Russia is due to the soccer world Cup, the focus of sports reporting. Now the country is again in the crypto world. The two largest banks in a Russian crypto-currency portfolios for their private clients.

As the newspaper Kommersant on 15. June reported, Sberbank and Alfa-Bank is a special Fund in their Offers, which includes six crypto-currencies. The Russian Central Bank will take over the supervision. Of the Fund to act, among other things, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin on major stock exchanges such as Kraken and Bitstamp.

Cooperation in the services of the crypto-adaptation

Sberbank has prescribed as the largest state-owned Bank, the processing of paychecks and plans for this year, the first official ICO. The Alfa Bank is the largest private Bank in the country. Using the investment funds AddCapital, the National Settlement Deposit (National Settlement Depository), and the company group IB, the banks want to master the jump in the crypto world. While Group IB to ensure the cyber security act, the National settlement Depository as part of the Moscow exchange group as the custodian. AddCapital will take on the technical responsibility. The Chairman of the Board Alexei Prokofiev said that in the framework of the investment process, part of the Fund will be purchased. In addition, he stressed, “The shares are liquid, and a customer can send at any time for Fiat currencies.” The Deputy Chairman of the Sberbank Private Banking, Ana Ivanchuk, said this collaborative work as follows:

“We want to provide our customers with absolutely transparent way to invest in digital assets, in Accordance with the regulations, which allow you to invest in the product you are interested in in Russia.”

Anton Rakhmanov, Manager of the Private Banking division of Alfa Bank, will act on behalf of the crypto-adaptation:

“Our goal is the recognition of the digital assets as a legitimate financial assets, accelerate as quickly as possible.”

First of all, it should be in the range of a Test, to explore the feasibility of such crypto-portfolio. This should consist of approximately 45 days. Accordingly, this time, no further data on the process.

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