Rita Ora tried Cheryl to respect during the Liam Payne duet

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Rita Ora wanted to for a very long time the soundtrack record for Fifty Shades

Rita Ora tried Liam Payne’s girlfriend Cheryl to respect when she have a duet with him singing. The singer of the Anywhere worked with the One Direction star to For You, of the Fifty Shades Freed-soundtrack,. During their promotion gig at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in February, they sang with their faces close together and they ended up like they were kissing. The choreography was clearly attenuated during later performances, including the Brit Awards, when Cheryl in the audience, she and Liam and Rita together toezongen while she stood.

Rita says at The A-List of Evening Standard that she was never a controversy has would cause, while Liam and Cheryl, who also has a son named Bear, had a hard time. When she said that they intentionally remained silent during the “difficult situation”, she added: “Imagine that you are that person in that situation… of course I have tried to Cheryl and all there was to respect. I was very professional, just like Liam, and I stayed there all the way outside. We had but one goal: the promotion of the single, and that we have also done.”

Fifty Shades Freed, in which she again plays the role as Christian Grey’s sister Mia, is now available on DVD, and Rita admits that she has long waited to be a part of the soundtrack. “I had the song for months, sent out in advance, and eventually they came back and they said that they do not from their head could get,” she says.

Earlier Fifty Shades soundtracks were recorded by Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift together with Liam’s former bandmate Zayn Malik.

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