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Red Devils stumble about 7 millimetres of grass

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Although Toby Alderweireld is confident of the Red Devils tonight, a party can build in Russia after the world cup match against Panama, there is some concern about the grass of the stadium.

Adnan Januzaj made all a note about the grass in Russia and also Roberto Martinez took it to. ‘The grass here is 25 millimeters high, ” says the coach. ‘That is too long. I had never experienced in such an important competition.’

It seems like a small detail, but professional footballers and not only the Red Devils – abhor of long grass. Then the ball is stiffer and the game is slower. In a match against Panama is that the disadvantage of the Belgians. The Red Devils will train at the national training centre in Tubize always on the grass of 18 millimeter high. In the King baudouin stadium, the grass is always 21 millimeter cut.

The regulation says that the grass is between 20 and 30 millimetres long must be, for this world cup are the limits between 22 to 28 millimeter. In the stadiums the grass is 25 mm high, even on the oefencomplex of the Red Devils in Dedovsk. ‘To the grass to protect, because it is summer”, sounds at the Fifa.

‘Shorter grass is more pleasing if the game is fast, ” says Martinez. “But I want this not as an excuse to use.’

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