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Radiopresentatrice confronts man who is hard is to snatch’

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A Dutch radiopresentatrice, erotic toned messages received from a listener, the man in question called. “This is a bit silly”, said the man, who after a few minutes was angry. “Silly is the right word,” replied the presenter.

The Amsterdam Vera Siemons was Thursday night at work during her radio show on the Dutch radio station NPO 3FM, but got ‘raunchy text messages and appjes’ of a listener. Siemon’s called the man, Peter, and confronted him with his ‘dirty, rancid, and oh-so-wrong behavior that he with other colleagues shows’.

“Hello, Peter, you have given me some messages sent’, started siemon’s still pretty neutral. Because Peter, the erotically-oriented messages weglachte, went Siemons, however, and she began some of the messages live for read on the antenna. ‘You’re sending me that you are going to snatch and then you’ll send me that I my mouth should open and my tongue must stick out. Do you think that’s normal, Peter’, asked the presenter annoyed.

Originally, the listener still in Siemons’ reasoning, but after a time he responded pique: ‘It was not so intended, but I think it’s bad that I now so by the dirt and mud is removed. That is not something you do as a dj on the radio, then you hear there just to sit. Ready.” Siemons responded by even more messages to read that he is to other colleagues of NPO 3FM sent. The two agree that the radiopresentatrice the messages are not more live reads and that Peter never more will hear if that really can happen.

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