Radiopresentatrice Anke Buckinx announces marriage

0b339f070ef456574a952aa63a474c0a - Radiopresentatrice Anke Buckinx announces marriage

Qmusic-presenter Anke Buckinx this morning in her ochtendshow told that they are going to marry. Even been co-presenter Sven Ornelis was the announcement a surprise, reports The Latest News today.

Buckinx was Saturday at the wedding asked by her friend Tom at a dinner party for her birthday. “We were nice tapas to eat on a terrace. When I returned from the toilet, asked Tom if I wanted to marry him,” she says in The Latest News.

For the presenter came to the proposal as a huge surprise. “I didn’t think that it is still going to happen,” she said in her ochtendshow.

For what date the wedding is planned, is not yet known.

Anke Buckinx began her career at the now disappeared television channel TMF. In 2006 she made the move to Brussel, where she has since at Qmusic radio programs presents. Occasionally she makes a trip to a television, such as in 2007 with a guest role in the VTM-soap “Family” and in 2013 for television channel FIVE with the showbizzprogramma “Storywood”.

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