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Play and earn money: 4 benefits of Game Stars Smart Contracts

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On the Blockchain Smart Contracts be used to protect digital Deals. According to a survey of one Million contracts, which was carried out by a group of enthusiasts from the University College London and the NUS in Singapore, were just 3.5% of all hacker attacks. This high level of security to guarantee that your digital currency is safe. The Game Stars platform has developed their own Smart Contracts for eSports. And the project is already in demand: The Pre-Sale Phase was completely sold out, world famous media publish articles on the platform, over 10,000 players have registered for the output of the Smart Contract. Game Stars offers eSports market participants guaranteed payments and is now offering to buy GST-Tokens with a 10% Bonus.

Smart Contracts are self-executing treaties, the terms of the agreement in the Blockchain Code to be registered. It is not possible to change the information in the contract by the parties, which are not involved in the actual business. The Smart Contract therefore provides fair conditions for its participants and prevents any kind of fraud.

The Blockchain-a platform Game Stars focuses on the main problems of the eSports market. The System platform is based on the exhibition of a Smart Contracts for each registered player. In this way, the Game Stars protects not only players, but also the rights of all the persons named in the contract (Team, investors, etc.).

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Please note: The promo code is available until the end of the 3. Phase of the Token, a Sale valid. If you don’t know how you get on GTS, please read our step-by-step instructions here. The promo code is only valid if BTC is used. The Bonus is awarded only once for the entire transaction. It is only once applicable, if you have multiple purchases, will be added a further 10% only to the first purchase.

What are the advantages of the Game Stars Smart Contracts are?

1. Fair Payments

The terms and conditions, as well as the participant’s shares are set out in the contract. Whether it is prize money in tournaments or sponsors funds – the funds will be automatically, fully and timely paid.

2. Permanent Token shares for a player and a Team

Pre-agreed shares and set times for the Freezing of Token Smart-Contract-participants to motivate them to achieve better results. Thus, the personal Token of the player’s value will win.

3. Transparency

The logic of Smart Contracts is not publicly available.

4. Autonomy

Smart Contracts can also be used outside of the platform used, for example, to the distribution of profits between coaches, players and the club rules in any sports game.

How to work Game Stars Smart Contracts?

The platform is a Smart Contract for each of the registered players together with 100 personal Token. Depending on the type of contract (base or professional) players, Teams, and investors to their fixed share.

A Token portion that belongs to a player who is permanently assigned, without that it can be sold or transferred. It motivates the player to develop professionally. If the player does not advance, falls the value of his personal Token. Another share may be sold by the player on the CICO-method (cyber-athlete Initial Coin Offering). In the framework of its acquired funds can be spent for professional development.

Tokens are assigned to the Team are locked for 6 months. It team Manager motivated to promote their players. If the player has no Team, will be reserved for these tokens on the platform, until he finds a Team.

Detailed information about the contract and to the CICO, see the White Paper of the project.

Game Stars hosted currently 3. Phase of the Token Sale. GST-tokens can be purchased on the official Website of the project. You can up to the 30. June 2018 10% Bonus tokens.

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– The Game Stars Token Team

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