Persons killed and injured by earthquake in Japan

TOKYO – an earthquake in Osaka in western Japan are at least three people to the life to come, among them a nine-year-old girl, reports the television channel NHK. The Japanese government has to the death of two persons confirmed.

The region of Osaka was hit by an earthquake with a force of 6.1.

Two victims are in accordance with the transmitter buried by collapsing walls. The third victim came under a falling bookcase. According to the television station, there are more than two hundred people injured.

The region of Osaka was around 08.00 am tomorrow (local time) an earthquake hit with a force of 6.1. There was no tsunamiwaarschuwing issued, let the Japanese meteorological service know.

Nuclear power plants

The nuclear power plants in Mihama, Takahama and Ohi have no irregularities detected, Kansai Electric Power let you know.

The region in 1995 it was struck by a heavy earthquake with a force of 7.3. More than 6430 people then came to life.

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