Opponent of peace accord wins Colombian presidential election

dce2a1f0858070eca4222c414008918f - Opponent of peace accord wins Colombian presidential election

The right-wing politician Iván Duque will find that the former Farc-rebels get away with their crimes.

Iván Duque (41) is 53,98% of the vote, the new president of Colombia. In his campaign, had Duque fierce criticism of the peace treaty that the previous president Juan Manuel Santos with the rebel group Farc (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) had closed. He finds that the leaders of the Farc not freely allowed to go for the crimes they have committed. In his overwinningstoespraak said Duque that the vredesafspraken will be adjusted. He wants to be the ‘victims ‘ central’ and wants to strive for ‘truth, justice and recovery’.

Duque got during his campaign, the support of the former president Alvaro Uribe (2002-2010), who is a fierce opponent of the peace agreement. The predecessor of Duque, Juan Manuel Santos, who for the peace agreement in 2016, the Nobel prize for Peace has gotten, if not more as a candidate. It was the first presidential election since the peace agreement in 2016 was closed.

In the civil war, which since 1964 Colombia has been raging, came to around 220,000 people. Millions of people fled. (rtr)

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