New movie John Travolta flop mercilessly

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Gotti, the new film from actor John Travolta, is this weekend mercilessly flopped at the Us boxoffice. The epic about the famous New York mob boss John Gotti turned in more than five hundred rooms, and brought in only 1.6 million dollars, report the American journals.

John Travolta with Kelly Preston at the premiere of Gotti in New York.

The bad news for Travolta hung longer in the air. The film was last week not a single positive review from American critics. It is after Staying Alive (1983) and Look Who’s Talking Now! from 1993, the third film of the star this dubious honour falls.

Gotti talks about the New York mafia boss John Gotti, who in the nineties in New York managed. Travolta worked for almost seven years on the project. His wife, Kelly Preston, plays the role of the wife of Gotti.

Ridiculously bad

The review from The Hollywood Reporter states that “the movie is terrible: poorly written, is deenergized, and at times ridiculous, and at the best moments, just boring.” The reviewer of notes: “Gotti may have been a murderer, but he deserved a better film than this.” According to the journalist of there were 44 producers involved in the project. “And not one of them had the guts to ask the question why this onzinfilm had to be made.”

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Gotti experienced in may, the world premiere at the Cannes film festival. The drama is in the Netherlands at the end of July on dvd and blu-ray released.

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