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New Monero Mining Malware popped up: Android users affected

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Hacks, Malware, and other malicious software can bring its own crypto-currencies in danger, or secretly own computer resources to operate the Mining. With the increase of the value of the crypto-currencies also lucrative for cyber-rises of course, criminals. When it comes to Mining Malware, the cryptocurrency Monero is often affected. Also currently there is a new Mining worm that spreads on devices with the Android operating system and Monero Mining operates.

The new threat was discovered by Chinese security researchers from the company 360Netlab. The Exploit, i.e. a malicious program (Malware) that takes advantage of existing vulnerabilities, resources (CPU) to assign and / or to give others access rights on the device. In the Chinese security company discovered ADB.Miner is carried out a so-called “Open-Port-Exploit”.

This means that as soon as the ADB.Miner, a device has been compromised, the local network will be searched for devices with an open Internet Port 5555. If it finds such devices, it is worm-like and tried to copy the Malware to other devices with an open Port. Finally, it connects to the Botnet and takes an active part in the Botnet to Mining of Monero.

The devices have been infected, were not able to find out, the researchers but specific. According to the Chinese researchers, the Ports were opened but before the devices have been infected. A guess is that the unknown diagnosis and Debugging Tools have accidentally left this Port open.

According to the researchers, more than 7,000 devices: Smartphones, Tablets, and TV devices are in China and South Korea previously affected.

Mining Malware Favorite Monero

In the last few months, was always read back to that cyber criminal botnets to build, to mine, the anonymous crypto-currency Monero.

IT security researchers at Proofpoint have discovered the last Mining Botnet Smominru. This has spread according to the researchers, more than 500,000 Windows computers and over the period from may 2017 to January 2018, approximately US $ 3.6 million in the Cryptocurrency Monero dug out of the ground.

Front door or gap for Smominru an Exploit that was originally developed by the NSA, and in the last year by hackers captured could be. The Exploit with the name eternal blue was worldwide become by the Ransomware attack called WannaCry known.

In particular, for Hacker Monero has its advantages. Since the currency is characterized by not pursuing the end of transactions, the developer of the Malware undetected. Also, Monero uses the Mining algorithm to the crypto night, which is for the CPU as well as GPU Mining is compatible.

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