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New Blockchain-Supply Chain solution that could prevent counterfeiting

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Logistics still dream of a comprehensive and transparent Supply Chain Tracking solution. But the search for the egg-laying Jack of all trades, the logistics could soon come to an end. The logistics service provider Adents developed in cooperation with the technology group Microsoft, a global Track-and-Trace solution, based on the Blockchain.

The application of “Adents Nova track” is intended to cover the entire supply chain and local Supply Chain within the company seamlessly in the global transport logistics. The companies expect a combination of the most advanced Blockchain solutions and the use of Artificial intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) more efficient method than usual today. Forecasting and guaranteed delivery times currently possible only with difficulty, as soon as the Supply Chain consists of several cargo and transportation companies. There is a lack of uniform interfaces and Standards.

Adents and Microsoft have to put up with the Blockchain on a high level of scalability, and many safety features. The Software allows the embedding of any and all industry standards such as GS1 and HIBC. In addition, Smart Contracts, and a number of interfaces for developers to open the application for all industries.

Blockchain against product counterfeiting

Adents and Microsoft also hope that the global trade in counterfeit Goods contain. Customs and police are not able to check the enormous flow of goods in a sustainable and rely on isolated samples. That alone is not enough: The organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) estimates that around 2.5 per cent of international imports of brand-name fakes are affected. In some industries the figure is much higher. The business with the pills and medicines seems to be particularly lucrative. The pharmaceutical industry is conspicuous is frequently the target of counterfeiters. The OECD is in the world of around 10 per cent of counterfeit drugs. For consumers, this is alarming, because the improper duplication of drugs is a threat to the health of many patients. A global Supply Chain solution to put a stop to the trade with brand counterfeiting, therefore, finally to a stop. The provider Adents looks through its Blockchain solution, the confidence in the products and suppliers are strengthened.

At the same time, regulation is increasing in many countries pressure. The was long only sensitive sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industry. Increasingly can protect themselves, however, hardly any company facing a far-reaching regulation. In the meantime, producers have to often collect all the raw material cycles, so, what are the raw materials out of which To or removal are used in which products. The meaning behind it: Later, the secondary can be from waste products to raw materials. Due to the long Supply Chain and the number of participating companies, is a error-free documentation is not easy. A Blockchain solution would be to capture the process for all companies in a transparent and traceable.

The goods around the globe pursue

Track and Trace is now popular on all transport routes and is essential. Consumer demand for high-quality products more and more frequently, a complete proof of the origin of the products. This applies not only to products with a legally difficult environment (for example. Protection against blood diamonds), but also clothes and food. A detailed documentation strengthens the trust in the products and highlights the quality standards of the manufacturer. An example is the Outdoor fashion company Icebreaker. The new Zealander provided all of the sweaters and T-Shirts with a so-called Unique Product Identification (UPID), which makes the fabric up to the sheep track. Adents and Microsoft are pushing this to the standard solution for industrial and consumer goods. In addition, a network of all shipments of goods and service providers through the Internet of Things possible. Customers know in real time of any Changes or deviations in the supply chain.

High potential of the Blockchain on the logistics market

Microsoft’s Azure platform helps the mass to analyze data and use it in the sense of a better logistics service. Microsoft’s Machine-Learning applications make it possible to process the numerous data points and flows of the global world trade. Deliveries due to the amounts of data, optimize, and new logistics solutions could follow from the findings. Today was a sector missing cross-Register, so that different industries could combine in the future their supplies through the platform. This reduces transport costs and reduces the burden on the environment.

A uniform and global Supply-Chain solution, all stakeholders, from consumers to benefit through the authorities to the producers. Microsoft and Adents are not the first in the competition for the best logistics solution. The Danish carrier Maersk, for example, is for its marine insurance “Insurwave” to a Blockchain solution. Insurwave also takes advantage of Microsoft’s Azure platform. In addition, Maersk announced the beginning of the year, in a Joint Venture with the technology company IBM’s Blockchain-applications for the global Maritime and logistics develop. The competition is so great. But the Duo of Microsoft and Adents is one of the most promising and has sufficient market power for the success of your Blockchain solution.

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