Musical about the visit of Beatrix in the red light district

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The illustrious visit in 1965, princess Beatrix at the Amsterdam red light district is the subject of a musical. The former troonopvolgster formed under the leadership of salvationist major Alida Bosshardt know in the red light district and the problems there. It was world news.

The show is about a small a year and a half in the Dutch theatres, with Annick Boer as Majoor Bosshardt and Joke Bruijs as the madam Greet. Who the role of queen Beatrix is going to perform is yet to be determined.

Bosshardt & Beatrix, the musical is written by Dick van den Heuvel, who last season the Musical Award for best script scored with his text Was Signed Annie M. G. Schmidt. The producer of Bosshardt & Beatrix his own Homemade Productions, that he five years ago founded with Gerda van Roshum.

Van den Heuvel, promises “a musical repertoire from the sixties, and wonderful stories about the Amsterdam of that time.” The visit to the red light district was very important to the princess, who always contact remained with the now deceased major. A few years ago opened Beatrix in Amsterdam the Major Bosshardtburgh, a reception centre of the Salvation Army for homeless people.

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