Mourinho: ’Adversity is good for Germany and Brazil

cd05904ad5cec95f548e279540344da1 - Mourinho: ’Adversity is good for Germany and Brazil

AMSTERDAM – José Mourinho does not think that the fans of Germany and Brazil need to panic after their disappointing start at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia.

José Mourinho

Germany allowed himself to Sunday ugly surprise by Mexico (0-1), while Brazil will stukbeet on the rock-solid Switzerland (1-1). Both countries will, as a result, the bucket must be in their remaining two groepsduels.

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“But this adversity is good for them, therefore they are equally with both legs on the ground,” said Mourinho in the interview with Russia Today. “They will just qualify for the next round. The best of these teams comes in the knock-out stages.”

The Manchester United manager continues: “I think that they also know how good they are. They also know that they will continue to improve. Their fans do not need to be afraid.”

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