More and more migrants by sea to Spain

1d2ef6bc4cb9efc902b43809f188e1f7 - More and more migrants by sea to Spain

WARSAW/BRUSSELS – The number of illegal migrants through the Mediterranean Sea in Spain, arrives in may increased to 3400, more than three times as many as in april. In the first five months of the year, there were 8200, this is more than double compared with a year ago.

Most of the migrants were from Guinea, followed by Morocco, Mali, and côte d’ivoire. That is according to figures from the European border agency Frontex.

In Italy, in may of 4100 people at sea, more than 80 percent less than a year earlier. Via this route from especially Libya this year, roughly 13.450 people arrived, much less than that in 2017. It was especially Tunisians and Eritreans.

Greece is less popular

Also the sea-route to Greece was less popular. In may there were 4400 migrants, 40 percent less than a month earlier. Because there in march and april, more people across the country to the east of Europe entered, the total in the first five months 19.800, especially Syrians and Iraqis.

The European asielagentschap EASO reported that the number of people in Europe for international protection is stable at 50,000 per month. Over the first four months, there were 197.000, less than the past three years, but more than in 2014. Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan remain the main countries of origin.

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