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Mertens and De Bruyne explain why the first match of the Red Devils so laboriously was

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We had this not flashier expected? The Red Devils recorded a nice 3-0 victory in their world cup opener against Panama, but the way appeared to be sometimes difficult. Dries Mertens and Kevin De Bruyne explained after the game how that came about.

“It was difficult”, gave Dries Mertens for the camera of Sporza after the 3-0 victory against Panama. “You have that with such a beginning of the world cup. The build-up to it is a very long time, and then, finally, that competition there and everyone has such high expectations. You have so much sense, but the legs wanted exactly. I think you have that with every team sees. Hopefully, that is even better in the second match.”

Mertens also had a funny remark ready on his hairstyle. Asked if his blonde coupe was part of a bet, knipoogde he: “Let us say. I hope in any case that they will bring good luck!”

De Bruyne: “People underestimate the world cup”

Kevin De Bruyne said that he always have faith in had that the Belgians would win. “You know she’s with eleven men behind the ball,” he said. “We knew we had to stay because there in the second half, more chances would come. After the 1-0 there was lots more space and we could also have two beautiful goals. Defensively, we have occasionally made a mistake. They also had yet to score. But ultimately the most important thing that we have won.”

The wait was before the Panamanian wall demolished was, left him cold. “This is football. At the world cup you don’t need a top to be in the beginning. The key thing is that you wins the match. Every game is different, in every match, you have other difficulties to overcome. The way does not matter. It must not be nice, hey. It also had no big victory. People underestimate all the teams on a world cup. The first match day is here the most difficult: everyone wants to show. It doesn’t matter which team it is. The most important is and remains that your contest wins, and that we have done.”

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