Merkel will have two weeks respite to migratiecrisis to solve

9627b64e127bec22a947ecdfd8c92dfb - Merkel will have two weeks respite to migratiecrisis to solve

The German Interior minister Horst Seehofer proposes the plan to illegal immigrants at the border and return with two weeks. Chancellor Merkel gets up to on a European level a solution for the vluchtelingencrisis to come, are the heads of the CSU and CDU agreed.

The past few days layers Seehofer and Merkel on collision course. According to the CSU-head is the pressures become unbearable, and must be immigrants at the border are to be returned. But Merkel wanted to not know: that would be in Europe for chaos to ensure, and the whole policy in the first place.

After consultation Seehofer now prepared to return to suspend. As a condition, he requires that there within the two weeks on a European level, new arrangements are made. On July 1, would be the top of the CDU and CSU than the balance sheet format.

At a press conference Merkel said that both CDU as CSU has as its objective the waves of migration better to send, to a repetition of the situation of 2015 to avoid. She also gave to her party behind prime minister Seehofer, and supports measures, but as a country, not only to take action. “It is not agreed to return migrants can have a negative domino effect to cause, and the whole of the European cooperation and influence.’

The chancellor announced that they would like to progress in the European summit at the end of this month; she was with a number of countries, bilateral talks would be. She refused to answer the question of whether they take the hard line of Seehofer would support it if that consultation would fail. ‘On ‘what-if’questions, I answer not.”

That the endless government crisis are not yet fully of the job, it was however also clear. Merkel indicated that she measures in the first place would be to assess her own CDU, and only then at the CSU of Seehofer.

At a separate press conference gave Seehofer that what he is concerned there is no question of a conflict. “We have everything eensgeluid decided’.

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