Melania is critical for policy to Trump: ‘Hate to see children separated to see of their parents’

93d0e9065d1ce9ee39d348b224ec3710 - Melania is critical for policy to Trump: ‘Hate to see children separated to see of their parents’

The method of the Trump government to children of Mexican families that illegally cross the border separately, continues to be criticized. Former first lady Laura Bush made a comparison with Japanese prisoners of war, but the president was also in his own White House to endure.

A spokesman for Melania Trump let us know that the first lady hates children separated from their families.” “They find that we are a country that comply with the laws, but also a country that controls the heart.’

Democrats under pressure

“Mrs. Trump hopes that elected representatives about the partijgrenzen going to agree on a proper reform of immigration laws’, said the spokeswoman. That suggests that the ‘criticism’ of Melania is still mainly a way for the Democrats to put pressure.

The president previously made clear that Democratic support for his new immigration regulations put an end to the detention of children in separate centers at the Mexican border. One of the measures is the financing of Trumps famous limes wall.

Democratic deputies withdrew Sunday on the American father’s day to detention centers in New Jersey and Texas. “This is not how we should be as a nation,” said Democrat Jerrold Nadler.

Laura Bush: “This breaks my heart’

But also from a Republican angle, there was criticism. ‘I live in a country bordering onto it and understand that the U.s. borders must be protected”, said Laura Bush, wife of the last Republican president, George W. Bush, in an op-ed in the Washington Post. ‘But this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. It is immoral and it breaks my heart.”

“This feels very similar to the internment camps for the Japanese at the time of the Second world War’, says Bush. ‘That are now considered to be one of the most shameful episodes in American history.’

Since the beginning of april are already nearly two thousand children separated from their parents. That is the consequence of Trumps policy of ‘zero tolerance’, as a response to a high influx of immigrants this spring. According to the American academy of pediatricians were in the detention centres to see that the children there are psychologically abandoned to their fate.

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