Man hacks kaartjessysteem Disneyland Paris

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PARIS – The kaartjessysteem of Disneyland Paris, has been hacked. It had to be a hacker, who called himself Artex calls to the FastPass system to crack. With the tickets, visitors can the queues at attractions in the Disney parks skip. By looking at the QR-code, it was the hacker an unlimited number of FastPass-tickets in store.

Hacker Artex discovered that certain tickets to a QR-code with a sequential number. “I ordered three tickets and discovered that the first ticket number ended with the number 40, second at 41 and third at 42”, he tells the French tv channel BFM TV.

On his smartphone, the man could new QR codes generate. With those codes, he could make new cards to collect. The hack would only be one type of tickets work. To prevent abuse, this information is not brought out.

’Computer systems never waterproof’

The hacker says no abuse to want to make of the situation. He wants Disney like to warn you of the error. “Computer systems are never waterproof”, let Disneyland Paris know in a comment says pretparkwebsite Loooping. “We will also make improvements to continue to make.”

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