Laurence Fox considered suicide during fight over custody

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Fox became financially and emotionally exhausted

Laurence Fox reveals that he is on suicide has thought through the bitter battle with his ex, Billie Piper about the custody of their two sons. The Lewis actor split in 2016 of the Doctor Who star and then followed after ten years of marriage with a two-year war over the custody and companionship of their two children – 9-year-old Winston and the 6-year-old Eugene.

Last month ended the procedure. Now let the 40-year-old actor, know how difficult the whole process was, and that he be financially and emotionally exhausted, was hit.

He spoke with the British newspaper Mail on Sunday. He admits that the battle for the custody of a regular to anxiety led, and that he could sympathize with people who are “on the railway are going”.

“I was certainly at a given moment in a very dark place – at my lowest ebb. I almost had the feeling that I could not go on. It felt all so hopeless,” he shares. “A divorce, you lose instantly half of the time that the children would spend. That in itself is a spiritual crisis. “Men do not feel always at ease about relationships, to talk and for the men who opkroppen can be disastrous – they throw themselves of a building. I understand why some men feel so, feel hopeless that they commit suicide.”

The father of two sons, adding that he “struggled to sleep” during legal procedures, but the support of his friends and family, his “beautiful children” and therapy has helped him tremendously.

The actor had a low-key father’s day in Kent, while he is filming the third series of the royal drama Victoria of ITV is even interrupted. He now wants to try to make the system of the family court to change. He believes that the “defective” system “unnecessarily adversarial” and only the lawyers benefit.

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