Kim Kardashian demands DNA test prisoner

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Kim Kardashian is once again strong for a prisoner with a bleak future. This time she asks via Twitter, the Californian governor Jerry Brown or a new DNA-test can be taken at Kevin Cooper, a 59-year-old man who, in 1985 guilty was found to be the murder of four people. The man is probably for years, wrongly fixed on ’death row’, reports the New York Post.

So there was tampered with blood samples, there would be evidence found on a shirt that Cooper has never been worn and would be the only survivor of the massacre, was an 8-year-old boy, the police several times, have told that there are three or four white men of the house entered. Cooper is African-American. Despite everything in its favor spoke, the man was nevertheless convicted.

Kim is not the only one who asks for the DNA of Cooper to re-examine. Also the female senator Kamala Harris of San Francisco asks Brown why. The governor has not yet responded to the tweet.

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