Kendall Jenner wishes Caitlyn ’happy father’s day’

1e0c133f200e243de134a4bab1cabd81 - Kendall Jenner wishes Caitlyn ’happy father's day’

From Italy late Kendall Jenner in an Instagram story to know ” is a fine father’s day wishes to the soul that is me has been brought up’. This refers to the model of course, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as her father, Bruce walked through life.

Kendall posted two pictures of the past in which Caitlyn, then as Bruce, with a little Kendall and her sister Kylie. In addition, yesterday, she posted a recent photo, to which Caitlyn with her daughters to see. The oldest Jenner daughter was on father’s day in Milan, where they as well in a fashion show of Versace.

Kylie celebrated the first father’s day to her friend Travis Scott, with whom she on February 1, daughter Stormi got. She also sent a loving message, addressed to Caitlyn, to the world: “I’m so happy that I have your my father to call”, with a picture of her as a baby with her parents.

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