Karen Damen to Council

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In January 2019 brings the Exception. a new version of the successful stage play, “Council”, directed by Frank Van Laecke to the Theater Elckerlyc to Antwerp. With the concept, a assisenzaak on the shelves, ventured Except. last year, a remarkable performance for Flanders. This time they bring “Council 2 – The gifmoord”. Also now plays the audience a crucial role as the ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Francesca Vanthielen, Kürt Rogiers and Frans Maas have been re-of the party. Karen Damen, An Vanderstighelen, Johny Voners, Karin Jacobs and Eddy Vereycken are the new names that director Frank Van Laecke today announced.

In Theater Elckerlyc was Monday, a warm welcome with internationally active director Frank Van Laecke for Francesca Vanthielen, Kürt Rogiers and Frans Maas. Exactly a year ago, were their names, after all, presented to the press for the first theaterversie of Council. A unique and interactive concept with an exciting moordproces, including flash-backs on the scene is placed in such a way that the pubiek swept up in the argue of a prosecutor, a lawyer and chairman of the jury. This time is from January 2019 a new process in which the audience acts as volksjury and decides on the guilt or innocence of the accused. Director Frank Van Laecke strongly believes in his team:”I have, piece for piece, cast actors, all of them, in their own way, they will assert on the stage. I’m definitely also excited about the fact that Karen Damen went to my question to play in this piece. The role of one of the witnesses, for Karen her first role in a serious murder case at the scene, is for Karen and the audience was a first.”

The roles of “Council 2 – The Gifmoord” looks as follows:

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