John Cleese mentions the Belgians “lazy, thick, bierdoordrenkte bastards”

b21cb68e60e015b868235867971cdb5b - John Cleese mentions the Belgians "lazy, thick, bierdoordrenkte bastards"

John Cleese has his tour, titled “The Last Time To See Me Before I Die”, completed. In a tweet he posted where the public is best was and where he rather would not go back. Our Belgenlandje get an “honorable” mention as worst audience.

John Cleese, well known from Monthly Python and Fawlty Towers, tweette a list of places where he the finest audience had. That was in Helsinki, Reykjavik, Bergen, Copenhagen, Zwolle, Hamburg, Cologne, Breda, Haarlem, Zurich, Frankfurt, Vienna and Zagreb.

The worst audience? “That lazy, thick, bierdoordrenkte, pseudo-French Belgian bastards in Hasselt. It’s like Moby Dick reading on the nomads”, tweette the Brit. He stepped down on may 30 in the Ethias Theater in Hasselt.

In fact, this is not the first time that the British comedian speaking about Belgium. In a promoclipje for his performance in Hasselt, he invited his Belgian fans for the urgent to purchase tickets. “All of the shows of my tour are sold out, except two. The two in Belgium! One in Ostend, and in a godforsaken place, oh yes Hasselt. Everyone in Europe knows that you have a set luieriken that not even a chocolate bar can pick up, so get up and buy tickets,” sounded in his typical, humorous style.

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