Jeffrey Sutorius breaks with Dash Berlin

699d6476dd23da98e458612dc69ce216 - Jeffrey Sutorius breaks with Dash Berlin

The Dutch dj Jeffrey Sutorius, the face of trancetrio Dash Berlin, has his ties with Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn broken. “The reason for the termination of the relationship is years of mismanagement and disregard of my interests”, says the dj, in a statement.

“Recently I found out that Molijn and Kalberg, together with Vanderkleij Agency, the name Dash Berlin on their own name registered. I didn’t thought that this could lead to that I now no longer under the name of Dash Berlin can occur”, says the Hagenaar.

“I have my lawyers asked to the court for consideration, so that this can be resolved. All of this has had a negative impact on my health, and I’ve been advised to just calm down.” Jeffrey Sutorius no longer has access to its own social media channels. “I hope that everything is resolved quickly and that I soon again can occur. I love my fans and hope that they understand this.”

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