Italian anthem in Flemish hit after successerie

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Are you one of the many ‘La Casa de Papel’fans? Then you have ‘Bella Ciao’ ever heard. Due to the success of the series, grows more than 100-year-old song now, from a Flemish hit. ‘Bella Ciao’ is the highest newcomer in the Ultratop 50.

With the number protested resistance fighters during the Second world War against fascism and national socialism. The student movement of may 1968 used ‘Bella Ciao’ even as their battle song.That old song (the oldest song in the top 50!) now back to be a success, it has everything to do with the Netflix Original “La Casa de Papel’. In the series, the biggest names bank robbery of Spain revealed that on the Royal Mint. That is the plan of one professor and eight activists, who are disguising with Salvador Dali-masks. ‘Bella Ciao’ is a just punishment element in the series. In full euphoria dance the phone call to the number. Also when the victory is approaching, sounds ‘Bella Ciao’, emotionally sung by the two protagonists: El Profesor and Berlin. The old song, with simple lyrics, contains a lot of potential. In the Flemish Ultratop came ‘El Profesor’ remixed by the French dj Hugel is the highest new entry in the Walloon Ultratop is a version of Naestro together with a quartet of pop – and urbansterren. France is doing even better: in the French charts were there this year, but fewer than eleven different versions of ‘Bella Ciao’.
Do you have ‘La Casa de Papel’ is not seen yet? You should urgently bring about change. Here you can read more about Netflix-topper.
Now you can choose Netflix as tv bonus in your Tuttimus or Familus pack of Proximus TV and watch this series directly on your tv screen (menu ‘on request’ > series or through the channel 204).
Listen to ‘El Profesor’, the ‘Bella Ciao’-remix of Hugel: In the Netflix series sounds of it this way:

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