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Isco, and the Spanish coach will stand behind The Gea: “Give him time and oxygen”

fc77858c0b59e26e354c1fd3544e18f3 - Isco, and the Spanish coach will stand behind The Gea: “Give him time and oxygen”

The Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea, who under pressure, can count on the support of coach Fernando Hierro. Who said that he is The Gea as first goalkeeper is likely to persist for the next match against Iran on Wednesday, despite his blunder against Portugal.

The goalkeeper of Manchester United let a weak shot by Cristiano Ronaldo by his arms and slip through, leaving Portugal for the second time and was able to score, and was in Spain heavily criticized for his ill-placed wall when Ronaldo with a free kick late in the second half scored.

“He can count on our full confidence. I know from experience that players trust, to feel, not only in good times,” said the Spanish coach Hierro on Monday.

The Gea was repeatedly the saviour of his club and last season’s player of the year ‘ at United. In Spain, however, he made crucial errors in three of his last four competitions: he let easy goals inside against Switzerland and Argentina.

“He has difficult moments, but you can you about all hack the way with some time. Goalkeepers have a special psychology, and sometimes it is action-reaction is not enough. The Gea has time and oxygen”, went Hierro further.

“All the players have confidence and I go to them. The Gea has, of course, everything included. We must simply be in order to engage in debate, because that is a part of the job. No one has brought him something just given, and we should be honest with him.”

Midfielder Isco gave that he was behind the Spanish number one, who is now the competition of Kepa Arrizabalaga (Athletic Bilbao) and veteran Pepe Reina (Napoli).

“The Gea is one of the best in the world. He knows how he should respond, and we show him lots of love”, said Isco. “We have to help him, because he helps us a lot and that is what this group is all about.”

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