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IOTAs next steps: IOTA wants to work soon

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The German Cryptocurrency IOTA is in many pilot tests in practice, and purposefully pursued a whole range of various highly complex projects. Here, it is to retain often difficult to track. Therefore, IOTA is working on a clear Roadmap to achieve the objectives of the forthcoming research is to summarize work.

A member of the IOTA Community has put together a great Roadmap for all further steps in the development of the Trinity Wallets clearly. The next step is the Roadmap for all projects of IOTA in a nutshell to summarise and publish this on the IOTA website.

Furthermore, IOTA has given two days ago by a blog post to all interested parties with an Overview of the research, recent developments and the upcoming targets. Some of the projects are still at the beginning, others are already on the finishing straight.

One of the most prominent projects Qubic is that the use of Oracles and the Outsourcing of computer power. Furthermore, it should allow you to implement Smart Contracts in the Tangle. The current Status of Qubic, we have summarized in this article.

Furthermore, the development of the Kling of IXI Hub is already in a closed Beta Phase, which is getestest with some Exchanges. The connection IXI Hub will enable new Exchanges easily and quickly IOTA of their own exchange without the need of developers for several months. The Exchange Hub, this should be in the future, in just a few days.

By the access of Mathew Yarger research in the safety is pushed forward, in order to protect the IOTA and the Tangle in the future against potential hacker attacks. By the provision of the Trinity, Wallets, currently still in the Beta Phase, vulnerabilities are due to the use of the IOTA Wallets, eliminated.

A major goal is the adaptation of the crypto-currency IOTA in the everyday life of the people pushing Forward, as well as in the industry. Recently, the Seeholz-Farm from Switzerland, allow on your farm, the payment of eggs and other goods of the yard with IOTA enthusiasts.

The complete list of currently edited projects, we provide a short presentation:

  1. Coordicide: analysis, modeling and Simulation for the removal of the IOTA Coordinator or, in short, the COO. The function of this Software is to “set a milestone” transactions on the Tangle to help with the order of transactions.
  2. Car perating: The risks of automatic Peer discovery and user-friendly Alternative to understand.
  3. Economic Incentives: Understand how the Tangle from a mathematical point of view and perspective can be improved.
  4. Consensus Spec: A detailed specification of the consensus mechanism, on the basis of the white paper is based.
  5. Crypto Spec: A detailed specification of cryptography in IOTA, also for the Peer-review is intended to do.
  6. Attack Analysis: in-depth Simulation and analysis of known attack scenarios.
  7. Exchange Hub: Formerly known as IXI Hub; it allows exchanges, IOTA in days or weeks instead of months to integrate.
  8. IRI: Ongoing maintenance and improvements of the de-facto-IOTA-Node-Software.
  9. Coo-free IRI: reconstruction of IRI, alternative consensus mechanisms to enable.
  10. Qubic: enables Oracle and Outsourcing of computer power, as well as Smart Contracts on the Tangle.
  11. Local Snapshots & Permanodes: activation, management, or Discard the Tangle history.
  12. C-Client: preparation for Integration into embedded systems.
  13. iota.js: Out with iota.lib.js in iota.js fully modularized for npm and fully typed for safety.
  14. Tangle scope: Performance and metrics of the Tangles to Monitor create.
  15. MAM +: A complete specification of MAM fully functional and if everything goes well, including PKI out of the box.
  16. IOTA Controlled Agent: A prototype of early implementation of Economic Clustering, and swarm intelligence.
  17. Trinary-Hash-function: replacement for Curl-P, the world-renowned Cryptographers developed and designed for the IoT has been optimized.
  18. Protocol Finalization

The rates IOTA, recorded at the time of writing a minimal decline within the last 24 hours, to 2.70 percent at a price of 1.00 Euro. With a market capitalisation of 2.7 billion euros IOTA currencies continue to place 9 of the greatest Crypto in the world.

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