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Hat Napoleon auctioned for 350,000 euros

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The hat of Napoleon

A hat that even Napoleon would have been, in Lyon under the hammer went for 350,000 euros including expenses.

Supposedly, a Dutch captain of the hat at the time, picked up on the battlefield at Waterloo, after which it is passed from generation to generation. At the end of the previous century came the hat in the hands of a French collector, which he now has sold.

During his fifteen-year reign of the French emperor, around 120 of the hats. There are nineteen known, including this one. The value of the typical punthoed was pre-estimated at 30,000 to 40,000 euros.

“It is a fairly simple hat in felt, like all of the hats of Napoleon,” said Etienne De Baecque of the auction house De Baecque et Associés to AFPTV. ‘One sees the wear and tear over the years. There are some typical elements. So bore Napoleon the ribbon to the inside of the hat is not. That was always removed.’

In 2014, paid a rich South Korean whopping 1.8 million euros for a similar hat of Napoleon, a record amount. The hat was in better condition and came from the collection of the princely family of Monaco.

In november brought a gold laurel leaf of scarcely ten grams, which was part of the crown that Napoleon in 1804, as emperor, crowned, 625.000 euros at an auction in Fontainebleau, near Paris. In the castle of Fontainebleau is a museum to Napoleon dedicated.

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