Hassle Tommy Lee and son remains dooretteren

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The dispute between Tommy and Brandon Lee is still going on. On father’s day posted the rocker with a message about fatherhood on Instagram, in which he fiercely out to his own children, and their failed upbringing, of which he, his ex-wife Pamela Anderson is largely to blame.

“Father is not easy, I say that honestly. My dad taught me everyone to respect and care for the people of whom I keep. He taught me the value of my belongings to see and to be grateful for what life gives me. I have often verkloot, but I recovered myself again. When I first became a father I wanted my son to this need to know something. Sometimes I have the feeling that I as a father have failed to do, because my kids have no idea of the value of money or stuff. If something breaks, they get a new one from their mother. They let that behavior, though I hoped that ultimately the good guys would be. I love them, but it can be real jerks,” said Tommy.

Not long after, responded Brandon: “do you remember what the last time happened when you said this? If you are a good father, you really are. If we are so bad according to you, had you more birthdays to come or to a sporting event. Someone like you can not be a man if I raise. You put our family once again in a bad light, who do you think or not that you are? Move on dude….or I turn you back knock-out.” Then he posted a video of Tommy online, in which he knocked out on the ground, after Brandon him in march of unconscious beat.

Brandon insists that he acted in self-defense, because Tommy is drunk and aggressive. Pamela is still firmly behind her son.

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