Giel Beelen: tweet about Pinkpop painful

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Giel Beelen calls it ’superheftig’ that ‘ for people is not clear that he is the collision early Monday morning at Pinkpop terrible. The 41-year-old Veronica-dj indicates that the tweet that he about the world have submitted’, of course, very awkward.”

Giel sent in the early hours ” with a double sense of the tweet: “Sad news from Landgraaf, success to all involved. Despite this end, I have a great weekend.” Beelen: “It was not yet clear that there is a dead body had fallen. With that knowledge, we have the tweet into the world. We sat with them, but we were just about Pinkpop.”

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Fuss to tweet Giel Beelen

Quickly got Giel a lot of criticism on him, giving him an excuse-tweet sent. “I can’t believe that there are people who doubt whether I have this intense will,” said the baffled dj. However, he admits that the first tweet is ’not ideal’ was the only wounded were preserved. “But then it would not be as painful as it is now.”

In a collision between a van and a group of pedestrians in Glasgow fell Monday morning around 04.00 hours a dead and hit three pedestrians seriously injured. The bus and the driver are still missing.

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