German border soon close for refugees

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BERLIN – If the appearances are not deceiving, ends today But `Willkommenskultur with the open borders. As minister Horst Seehofer (Home Affairs) wants the Bavarian border for refugees close, that already in another EU country for asylum have applied for.

Even at this German football supporters has Merkel dismissed. Apparently they prefer Putin.

I will chancellor Angela Merkel respite to the upcoming EU Council, to a difficult European solution for each other to medicate.

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In Bavaria wants to Seehofers CSU today pro forma to decide the borders to close. That would be the long waiting times at the border with Austria mean, where officers with machine pistols asylum seekers from waiting trucks and passenger cars have to reap. The free movement of goods and persons, regulated in the Schengen treaty, such as But fear, for discussion.

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The tightly wound conflict between the two politicians deposit the Federal republic in a serious crisis, that the government-Merkel already a week does falter. As CDU chairman Merkel (63) her rival Seehofer, the boss of the Bavarian zusterpartij CSU because of his quirky behavior, dismiss, is almost certainly their federal Berlin government.

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The 68-year-old Seehofer behaves as if he is the viceroy of the Federal republic of germany. As the one who does what the majority of Germans want, namely the return of refugees who are already in another EU country in the Eurodac database to be registered. That would be the old `Dublin rule, since the vluchtelingencrisis from 2015 outside force, be applied.

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But also on a personal level, the fighting cocks directly opposite each other. Sunday newspaper `Welt am Sonntag quotes Seehofer: ,,With that woman, I can not work anymore“, would be the Bavarian minister for the Chancellor to have said. Actually enough of a reason to give him the avenue to send out.

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The sword of Damocles, however, depends above But head. Seehofers failure would be Germany, and thus Europe, in an acute and severe political crisis maneuver. And that is not in the interest of Berlin, Munich or Brussels. But a weakened EU with a paralysed Germany is what where populist presidents in Moscow, Washington or Ankara of dreams.

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In any case it is difficult, time-consuming and also expensive to the German frontiers of 3.800 kilometres to close. Now there are only three of ninety-border crossings in Bavaria, sample-checks, such as on the motorway at Passau. So around 65,000 refugees came last year to Germany, which already elsewhere were registered. These persons would be returned. Only this year there were 78.000 asylum seekers.

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Merkel fears a chaotic situation as well as other European states to close borders, and that refugees in Greece, the Balkans or Italy are stuck. Tonight is the new Italian prime minister Conte to Berlin, the French president, Macron follows a day later.

While else is also pretending Seehofer in an interview: ,,No one in CSU has an interest in, the chancellor, to send away, or the lijstverbinding between CDU and CSU and the government to demolish it.“ The German royal drama continues.

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