Fuss to tweet Giel Beelen

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Giel Beelen has Monday morning, according to twitter users are most empathetic side show. In one tweet he writes, namely about the accident with a van at the Pinkpop festival, in which a person has been killed and multiple people injured, and the message that he is a good weekend on the Pinkpop festival has had.

“#Bestemorgen! Sad news from Landgraaf, success to all involved. Despite this end, I have a great weekend @pinkpopfest had, highlights, hear you in the @radioveronica ochtendshow. #RadioVeronica #pp18”, wrote Giel. The tweet has been removed.

Different reactions replaced by the following, among others: “L*l with fingers (the most overestimated dj of all time) @giels”, and “1 dead and a few wounded. With me everything is fine! I had nothing else to expect from that guy..”.

Meanwhile, Giel responded to the commotion. The 41-year-old dj wrote: “Just to clarify; when I got this this morning poste was not yet announced that there is a dead fallen and I would know the people involved in the terrible collision success. Strength to the relatives and all concerned. #pinkpop.”

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